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07 July 2007 @ 12:56 pm

If this look somewhat familiar, i posted this on facebook, that's why and i realized iam not very active on LJ, so this is it...

OK so i was on youtube, watched the My Generation video again and saw this guy's reply on the video (attempting to not FIRE AT HIM)
but really want to.. because first of all some bastAAAArd called yui "frickenn sexy" i got pretty pissed off.. i tried to control myself.. because i dont wanna hold a fricken fight on the wall post of Yui's video.

so i replied to him:
"uhhh i dont see how anyone can think of YUI as sexy.. she is just so pretty and cute. not the best guitarist, but great guitarist "

then some random guy comes outta no where and replied: (btw i am rodneysLedgend)
>>"oh im sorry about that!!!! alrigth yui's so cute!!!and great guitarist!!!!!!peace.....
oh wait rodneyslegend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u sucks!!!mind your own bussiness!!! "

then i replied:
"uh.. im not sorry for getting involve with this. I personally think that it is indeed an insult when you call Yui sexy, because i really dont see how someone can say "oh man you're sexy" with much of a respect in their words.. i just can't stand someone saying those kinda things about someone that i respect, anyway i really dont wanna hold a fight here"

*Then i found out the random guy has nothing to do with the guy that called YUI sexy.. so there are 2 bastards*

so i replied again::::

"hmm i just realized after typing that whole reply.. it's more like, kauro, mind YOUR own business.. i wasnt even talking to you about the sexy thing. i was talking to dissdumbperson.. so i dont understand why you would jump outta no where can get yourself involved. but oh well we're all fans of yui. so lets not hold a fight among ourselves"


i really want to YELL at that guy...
HEY you mother f**ker, honestly man F**K off, bastard! why the hell would you think Yui is sexy, she isnt even intending to be sexy, ARE YOU OKAY?!? or did you hit yourself in the head or something, when you insult someone i respect so much, i havta f**king yell the hell outta you. and how would you feel if i call your mom sexy? YOU SON OF A F**KING SEXY B*TCH!

okok.. i wouldn't say it because I know YUI won't appreciate it much if I told a fricken fight/swearing fight there.. and other YUI fans wont appreciate either =) soo... yay i'm back to my normal old HedgeBlob

14 March 2007 @ 11:39 pm


so I was surfing on the internet, then I got to the west 49 site.. 
went to see new products.. and I saw the SEXIEST WATCH EVER!
it was was a nixon watch.. wow why is this so big? 

Anyway.. it was a nixon watch!! Goshhhh it was black a

it was so so so so so so... beautiful.. 

but it was so so so so so so so so expensive.. 

Grrrrrrr the fricken watch was $279!!  or something.. 

and there was an uglier one which is $174.99 

which looked very corny and i got scared..

Then I saw another nixon watch (looks like watches that my dad would wear)

So I gave up... T_________T

OKAY... and I went on the Nike SB site.. realized that:

Nike SB Zoom Paul Rodriguez II is out!!

freaked out.. and looked at how amazing it was..

there were 3 colours... 1 black/gold 1 blue/yellow/white/green/red/orange (all the colours you can think of) 1 white/black

HARRRR =( okay lemme guess no one here cared what I just said...

07 February 2007 @ 11:18 pm

I hate girls that do the following things:

1) flirts with very fat / ugly guys
2) not virgin
3) with make-ups.. (unless they look good with it)
4) pretend to be nice
5) that has anything to do with Eugene
6) screams really high and loud that hurts my ear drum
7) talk about the most pointless things on earth
8) give guys horny smiles
9) shows their buttcrack on purpose
10) has ugly hair dye, and think they're the most beautiful princess ever..

Man.. gimme a break....

Current Mood: in love
06 February 2007 @ 09:22 pm
Today it seemed like the entire world had something against me...

First my mom forced me to go to school, when I had a stomach-ache + a headache early in the morning.. then I got soooo damn pissed off and forgot to bring my viola to school.. which I was supposingly to bring it every tuesday.

Second I got so confused that I dont know when is my PA day... GRRRR gonna strangle someone... this Friday or next Friday?? O____O I don't know!! OR MAYBE IT IS CANCELLED

Third  I was so stressed that I had to go to Geo class.. and Mr. Bray made me feel like barfing.. because he is kinda ugly..

Forth music torturement! so then right after school, I was rushing to Jazz band... so I can take a look at the fucking music that I still cannot figure out how to play on the drums.. 

Fifth  so I went there, set up the drum set.. then I started to play.. then OUT OF NOWHERE.. Mr. Lum walked by and pointed me over.. so I walked over.. then he was like:

Lum: where were you last practise
Me: I didn't know there was a practise
Lum: *shakes his head* no dont gimme that crap! I heard you didn't want to come
Me: ....
(well I wasn't even lying when I said I didn't know.. I seriously never knew there was a practise on Thursday.. I dont even know who the fucking asshole told him that I didn't want to go..)
I mean.. what the fuck is wrong with that fatso, right?? He is always so grumpy.. okay so after that..  I was sitting there watching Clayton play "Caravan" so I didn't do anything.. because I can't even play that fucking song. I had Orchestra after, so I had to leave halfway through Jazz.. and wtf?!?!RIGHT AFTER I LEAVE.. they started playing Cathy's army.. (a.k.a. the song I can play!) What pisses me off the most is that Lum gave me that face showing that I didn't do anything during Jazz band, and how disappointed he was... I seriously want to shove a durian in his face!!!!!!!

Fifth Then I finally realized how gentle, nice, generous, understanding, beautiful Mrs. O'Reilly is... so then I just instantly fell in love even though, I can't play during orchestra.. which cost me to hate myself so much!!

Sixth Then I met this guy.. his name is Albert.. and he made me so happy xD
31 January 2007 @ 10:59 pm
i know i shouldn't be worrying about this shit right now. Because everybody will just say i have more important things to worry about.. but I'm very very very upset how.... i just dont want to be my own age!!! MAN.. why do I have to be so young.. if I was older.. maybe (blank) and (blank) wouldn't find me like such a kid, and MAYBE they will start to like me.. BUT NO!!! omg how come it seems like everybody has a fuking valentine except for me. What the ffffff have I done to (blank)... omg I'll just shut up VERY VERY PISSED OFF
02 November 2006 @ 05:33 pm

To Sharon-kun,

i just realized that, all those annoying crap that i keep on getting.. are nao's journal =.= haha.... what a cute bum... HAHA... today.. tiffany

*tiffany comes out of nowhere and kneel beside me*
Sharon-kun: deb, tell her who u think is cute
Deb: noooooo
Tiff: *start nudging deb*
deb: *points to the hallways... GO!!"
tiff: awww why dont u want me here?
deb: go!!!!!!
Tiff: who do u think is cute???!?! *start shaking deb*
sharon-kun: *all of the sudden joined the convo* NOW (NAO)!!!!!!!!!
Tiff: nooo i dont wanna go!!! who do u think is cute?!? huh?!?!
Deb: Go!!! NOW (NAO)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*sharon-kun keeps on screaming now (nao) in the background*
Tiff: tell me!!!!! who is cute? 
Deb: O____O (to herself) god... this girl is kinda dum
Tiff: who is it?!?! *points to kevin* it's him, isn't it?
deb: ewww!!
tiff: *start nudging again*  whoooooo??
Deb: =.= now (nao)
*erin comes out of nowhere (actually the library with veenu)*
Erin: tiffany, your locker is opened
Tiff: *think for 10 second* oh right!! my locker is opened!!!! =O *looked terrified*
Deb: =.=
sharon-kun *roll eyes* uhhhhh
*tiff gets up*
Tiff: oh bye!!
sharon-kun: ........ clueless......
Deb: yes.........
*slowly walk away*

OMG, LIKE MY STORY??? by the way, Tiff is a very weird person, i dont blame her....

yes and i have another story, sharon T__________T this is so sad.....

*after lunch in eng class*
blah blah blah blah
*Deb and sharon-kun walk into the classroom, and sit down*
Deb: hi erin!!! Good morning esther *bow*
Sharon-kun: happy birthday mr. thomas!!
*deb stands up, and found a skater magazine on the ground*
*gasp in horror*
*picks up magazine*
Deb: wow! guess what i found O_O *turning around to show sharon-kun*
Sharon-kun: this is a negative corrolative, and this is a possitive (to erin)
Deb: SHARON!! *interupt* guess what i found.... a magazine..!!!
*read read read*
*20 mins later*
mr. thomas: hey guys, D.E.A.R. is over now, please grab a pencil, and we're heading down to the library
*whole class went downstairs to the library... listen to MRS. LIBRARIAN*
mrs.librarian: so now, u can go do your computer work.
*erin, deb, and sharon-kun went looking for a computer*
sharon-kun: oh hey.. there are 3 computers side-by-side...
deb+erin: okay
*walk to the comp*
Erin: oh my god!!! my computer doesnt have a mouse... 
Deb: *ignore*
*erin started nudging deb*
Erin: help me find the mouse!!
Deb: omg... maybe jessica stole it *looking at jess on the comp beside erin's*
*jess looking back cluelessly*
Deb: maybe not....
Sharon-kun: *leaning over and pulling the keyboard cord* erin, what is this?
Deb: omg, thats a cord!!!
Erin: where's the mouse?!?!
Sharon-kun: *still pulling the cord, even tho its kinda stuck*
Erin: GRRRR this comp is screwed... *moves to another comp*
Erin: mr. thomas can i use this computer?
Mr. thomas: YES, definately.!!
Sharon-kun: *starts whining...* ahhhh i wanna go on livejournal, why cant we go on livejournal and talk to _________ and __________ ???????? <<<<<( not very safe to name those people) *not knowing that mr.thomas was right beside deb*
mr.thomas: what? go on what..?
Sharon-kun: uhh nothing...
*deb pops out from nowhere* 
deb: hey omg yui is so cute when her face collaspe.... =.= 
Sharon-kun: omg, yui is not cute!! i mean...... she is but... 
Deb: omg what are u talkin about..?
sharon-kun: hey have u notice that "yui" on the keyboard is like that *points at the 3 keys*
Deb: omg thats so awesome *starts laughing non-stop*
*some 6 ft guy walked up to the comp beside mine*

TO BE CONTINUED... (cuz i gotta go now)

27 September 2006 @ 07:04 pm
okok.. today i had a great day.. no.. not really! i stayed home, didnt go to school.. oh what fun? I had to sleep all day, you know? sleeping too much makes your body tired.. so this week.. I skipped all Geo + Eng class... gayness!! whats the point of this Live Journal? I have no friends on this crap.. which means no one will see this, except for Treyin ( i guess) yo! u lifeless person who go on Live journal 24/7!! wtf is this shit.. and why did u put that pic on my profile? whatever that is.. a girl or a guy, I really dunno anymore ><' kay im bored..
26 September 2006 @ 09:32 pm
hihi~ this is treyin on your account honey~♥ soooo this is lj, the one thing that time consumes all of my life~!!

I hafta to go hmwk now, enjoy LIVEJOURNAL~!